VIDEO: Bear claws through siding to get into Tennessee home


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(UPI) A Tennessee family had an unusual scare when a bear clawed through the siding of their home and tried to break into a storage room.

Susan Forbes of Pigeon Forge said her daughter was the first to hear the ruckus at the back of the house, and she looked back to find a bear that the Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency said weighed about 300 pounds.

The bear had clawed a hole in the external siding of the home and was trying to make its way into a storage room, Forbes said.

Forbes called the Pigeon Forge Police Department and an officer used a siren to draw the bear away from the hole and onto the porch, where the animal laid down.

TWRA officers were summoned to the scene and tranquilized the bear for relocation.


Forbes said the bear left a sizable hole in the house. She said she doesn't know what attracted the bear to her house, since no trash or food had been left out. She said the hole has been boarded up to prevent bears or other animals from returning.

A Montana hotel experienced a similar bear break-in recently when a bruin climbed through a window and ended up cornered in a bathroom.

Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks game wardens tranquilized the bear and relocated it a safe distance away from the building.

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