Metal detector hobbyist finds long-lost class ring in Vermont field


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(UPI) A Vermont retiree who passes time using his metal detector to scan a popular park reunited a woman with the class ring she lost 26 years ago.

Daniel Plummer, who worked for 13 years as a security officer for the state of Vermont, said he took up metal detecting as a hobby after his retirement and he focuses his activities a couple times a week at Heath Recreation Field in Chelsea.

Plummer said one recent item he found while "dirt fishing" was a 1994 class ring from South Royalton High School.

The former security officer did some social media sleuthing and found the ring's owner, Amy Cruz.

Cruz said the ring had vanished 26 years ago when she left it on a friend's dresser in South Royalton and it was gone the following day.

"I was very upset that I had lost it. It was a pretty big investment that I had paid for on my own," Cruz told WCAX-TV.

The ring was found buried in 5 inches of dirt about 25 minutes from where Cruz last saw it.

"I immediately put it on my finger and it fit -- which was amazing -- but it really brought me back to my senior year in high school," Cruz said.

Cruz was thankful for Plummer's help.


"He could have easily kept the ring or scrapped it or whatever, but instead he chose to reach out to me and find it and knew that it was sentimental to me, which is really amazing," she said.

Plummer said getting to return lost items is one of the perks of his hobby.

"It gives me a real feeling of fulfillment to find something like that and give it back to the owner. If that were me, I'd like for someone to do that for me," Plummer said.

An Oklahoma woman's ring was returned to her after an even longer period of time recently.

Giovanna Hasty said her sister, Mary Walling, lost the Fresno High School ring more than 30 years ago while swimming in Carlton Lake at Robbers Cave State Park.

Hasty said she was recently contacted by a woman who said her husband had found the ring using a metal detector when the swimming area was temporarily drained about three decades ago.

Hasty said the ring was returned to Walling on her birthday.

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