'Backhoe Challenge' features operators showing off precision


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(UPI) A Backhoe Challenge event in Pennsylvania called on operators to complete tasks including filling wine glasses from a bottle hooked to the teeth of a backhoe's bucket.

The Aqua Pennsylvania Backhoe Challenge, held Thursday night in Newtown Square, featured competitors facing off in three events that required operators to use precision in manipulating the heavy vehicles.

The first challenge featured operators using backhoes to remove at least three bouncy balls from atop traffic cones and drop them into a small bucket.

The second event involved spoons being attached to the backhoes to lift an egg from a sand mound and place it on a bale of hay without breaking it.


The final challenge involved a bottle of wine being attached to the bucket, which operators then had to manipulate to fill three wine glasses.

The IUOE 542 union congratulated the winner, Rob Deleo, in a Facebook post.

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