VIDEO: Oblivious electric surfboard riders surrounded by great white sharks


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(UPI)- A California photographer taking drone video of some hydrofoilers captured video of the apparently oblivious people being surrounded by great white sharks.

Matt Larmand said he was taking drone video about 5 p.m. Wednesday of people hydrofoiling -- riding electric surfboards -- off Capistrano Beach in Dana Point when they were approached by a group of sharks.

Larmand said he couldn't warn the surfers because they were about a quarter mile off shore.

The photographer said the sharks was remarkably ambivalent about the presence of the humans.


"It was almost like they could care less they were there," Larmand told the Orange County Register. One of the clips I have, the guy being towed by the Jet Ski, they were going by and went past by six to seven feet away, and the shark could care less if they went right past him. The sharks were being really mellow.

Larmand said the sharks even ignored one man who fell off his board.

"I was freaking out. I was like, he has no idea there's a shark right next to them," Larmand said. He was just sitting there, he had no clue. I would be freaking out if I was him, it was just insane to watch.

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