Loose python captured near Florida city's downtown


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(UPI) A reptile expert was called to a busy Florida road near a city's downtown to capture a ball python spotted slithering loose in the area.

Bob Cross, owner of Critter Catcher Services, said he was summoned to the area near downtown Orlando when a lawn care worker spotted the unusual creature slithering in the grass near a busy intersection.

"Of course she freaked out on the phone, and she went online, onto Facebook and started putting out feelers for anyone, if they lost a snake. They didn't know what kind of snake at the time," Cross told WKMG-TV. With me, I just reach down and pick them up. There's no process, I just pick them up.


Cross said the snake is a ball python, a species native to Africa. He said the serpent is in good health and appears to be an escaped pet.

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