National Weather Service bakes biscuits in hot car


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(UPI) National Weather Service staff in Nebraska illustrated the recent heat wave by baking a batch of biscuits inside a car.

The National Weather Service in Omaha live-tweeted the results as they put a batch of biscuits in the window of a car left out in the sun.

"If you are wondering if it's going to be hot today, we are attempting to bake biscuits using only the sun and a car in our parking lot," NWS Omaha tweeted. We will keep you posted with the progress.

The pan reached a high temperature of 185 degrees during the experiment, which occasionally required the car to be moved to keep the sun shining on the biscuits.


The biscuits began to brown on the outside and eventually seemed done enough on the outside to try eating after a total 8 hours in the car.

The workers said they were "pretty doughy" in the middle, but crispy enough on the outside to be edible.

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