VIDEO: Albino porcupine draws crowds outside Maine museum


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(UPI) A mystery animal that sparked online speculation after being spotted outside a Maine museum was identified as an albino porcupine.

The Seashore Trolley Museum said in a Facebook post that the all-white animal spotted outside the Kennebunkport facility this week appeared to be an albino skunk or groundhog.

Herb Pence, a volunteer at the museum, said the animal was pointed out to him by visitors this week and he initially thought it was a plastic bag until it started to move.

Experts reviewed photos of the mystery beast and determined it was a baby albino porcupine. Only one in about 10,000 porcupines is born albino, a genetic mutation where the body does not produce pigment.


Museum officials said they have been putting out water for the porcupine. Visitors are allowed to snap photos of the creature, but they are being warned not to approach it or disturb it.

"Frankly, what I hope is that nothing happens to it," Pence told NECN.

The museum held a vote on its Facebook page and dubbed its new resident Marshmallow.

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