Family's escaped llama returns home after more than a month on the loose


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(UPI) A British Columbia woman said her escaped llama returned home on her own after more than a month wandering loose.

Jessica Udchitz said Coco, the llama that she and her family brought to their Clinton farm in April to help watch over their goat herd, escaped from the 25-acre farm in June and returned to the property on her own Sunday.

"She wandered back up our driveway," Udchitz told Kamloops Matters. We corralled her with lots of people and sticks and I was able to place the rope are her neck.

"She's back in her pen enjoying cold water and veggies," she said.


Udchitz said 3-year-old Coco had visited her property multiple times since her initial escape, but always evaded capture.

"I think maybe Coco was a hockey player in a past life," she told Castanet. She just turns on a dime and goes the other way. They're very fast animals. It's said they can run up to 35 miles an hour.

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