Mystery turtle found wandering Rolls-Royce warehouse


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(UPI) Workers at a Rolls-Royce warehouse in Britain were left shell shocked then they discovered a turtle wandering through the facility.

The RSPCA said the workers captured the turtle in a box when they spotted it slowly making its way through the Technology and Logistics Center in Bognor Regis, West Sussex.

RSPCA animal collection officer Claire Goddard was summoned to the facility, where she was left baffled by the amphibian's origins.

"It's a turtle mystery how this little guy got into the warehouse! The center is in the middle of nowhere so I haven't a clue where he's come from," she said.


"Staff spotted him wandering through the warehouse and, unsurprisingly, had quite the shock," Goddard said. Luckily, he doesn't seem to be too worse for wear and didn't have any signs of injuries on his head, legs or car-apace (shell). He's a lucky turtle!

Goddard said the turtle may have been abandoned in a nearby pond before making its way to the warehouse.

The turtle was taken to an animal center.

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