Kitten survives three days, 170 miles in engine compartment of car


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(UPI) A California woman who saw a kitten run under her car said the feline survived three days and about 170 miles in her engine compartment.

Tish Elliot said she and another driver stopped on U.S. 395 in Gardnerville when the kitten was spotted darting under her car, and she suspected the feline may have climbed up into the vehicle's inner workings.

Elliot said she took the car to Les Schwab's auto shop, where the vehicle was put up on a lift.

"They told me there was no kitten and it would be too hot in the engine compartment for a kitten to survive anyway," Elliot told KOLO-TV.

Elliot drove home to South Lake Tahoe and made multiple trips in the ensuing days to her mother's house in the Walker-Coleville area.


"It wasn't until the third day that I saw a kitten on the ground and it went back up into my engine," she said.

Elliot called the Antelope Valley Fire Department, and firefighters extracted the kitten from what the department called "a harrowing situation."

One of the firefighters took the kitten home to live with his family. The feline was dubbed "Sid" after the firefighter who was finally able to pull it out of the inner workings of the car.

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