Iguana rescued after four days stranded in Massachusetts tree


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(UPI) Authorities in Massachusetts said they successfully rescued an apparently abandoned iguana that spent at least four days perched in a tree.

Cynthia Mulvey of Franklin said she first spotted the iguana, which her family nicknamed Blue, in a tree outside her home during the weekend.

"I feel so bad. He's been here four days," Mulvey told WCVB-TV. Obviously he belonged to somebody. Somebody dropped him off. It's just so cruel.

Mulvey contacted multiple agencies about the non-native lizard and a state environmental police officer attempted a capture Tuesday, but was unable to reach the creature.

Reptile experts worked with a Franklin police officer Wednesday to safely get the female green iguana out of the tree.


"I had to climb onto the shed roof there," said Michael Ralbovsky, a general curator with Rainforest Reptile Shows. I got up on the ladder, got up on the roof and then I clipped some branches away. I pulled her toward me.

"She actually jumped onto the mat of vines that were there, and I just put my catch pole on her," he said. She slipped onto the catch pole, dropped onto the ground and just laid there.

The Reptile Refuge and Animal Sanctuary in Beverly is taking care of the iguana until a new home can be found at a zoo or science center.

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