Stranger tips Michigan man off to $1 million lottery jackpot


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(UPI) A Michigan man said he was tipped off to the fact that he had won a $1 million lottery jackpot by an offhand comment from a stranger.

Gregory Guilford, 68, of Mulliken, told Michigan Lottery officials he bought a Mega Millions ticket for the May 28 drawing from Bill's Party Store in Portland, but he neglected to check his ticket the next day.

"I was doing some work in downtown Portland in a building that had been gutted. I walked down the street to a convenience store to use the restroom and buy a Powerball ticket. The lady behind me in line said: 'You should go to Bill's to buy that ticket. They sold a big winner last night!'" Guilford said.

"As soon as she said that my mind started racing. I started to leave the store but turned around to scan my ticket and get a printout of the numbers. I was stunned when I realized I was holding a ticket worth $1 million," he said.


Guilford said he is planning to take a trip to Colorado with his winnings.

"Over the last five years, I have had some health issues that have really taken a lot out of me. Winning this takes so much stress off of me and makes me feel much more secure," Guilford said.

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