VIDEO: British cousins set land speed record for Tuk Tuk


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(UPI) Annddd he's done it! Congratulations to @MattEverard7 who's set a new record for the fastest autorickshaw/Tuk-Tuk (prototype) with a speed of 119.54kph (74.306 mph). Look at him go! pic.twitter.com/XKQobellWk— GuinnessWorldRecords (@GWR) May 13, 2019

A pair of British cousins took a modified Tuk Tuk vehicle to speeds of over 74 mph to set a new Guinness World Record.

Matt Everard and Russell Shearman took the three-wheeled vehicle, which is also known as an autorickshaw and commonly used as a taxi in Thailand and other countries, up to a top speed of 74.3 miles per hour to break the Guinness World Record for top speed.

Everard said he bought the vehicle on eBay for $3,875 on an impulse after a night of drinking, and he and Shearman eventually replaced the 350cc engine with a 1300cc fuel-injected Daihatsu power plant.


The record was achieved Monday at Elvington Airfield in Yorkshire, England. Guinness officials were on hand to witness the attempt and verified the record at the scene.

Once he'd completed the attempt, Matt said "I'm just really excited, really happy... I want to go and open a bottle of champagne!" pic.twitter.com/Xpc8XDC7j6— GuinnessWorldRecords (@GWR) May 13, 2019

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