Bread delivery route leads woman to $10,000 lottery jackpot


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(UPI) An out-of-work Connecticut woman helping her boyfriend on his bread delivery route said a couple of lucky stops led her to a $10,000 lottery prize.

Stephanie Buzbee of Stratford told Connecticut Lottery officials she has been laid off from work since January, so last week she went along with her boyfriend to help him make bread deliveries.

Buzbee said she decided to splurge on a $5,000,000 Ultimate scratch-off ticket during one of the stops.

"It was the first time I've ever bought a $30 ticket," Buzbee said.

The ticket turned out to be a $100 winner.

"When I won $100, I was really excited. We even did a little happy dance about it," Buzbee said.


She decided to reinvest her winnings by buying another of the same ticket at the next stop.

"This time I just scratched off the barcode area and scanned it in the ticket checker," Buzbee said. When I saw message on the ticket checker, I thought, 'This can't be right,' but it was. It was a $10,000 winner!

Buzbee said the wins were part of a lucky streak.

"Last week was a great week," Buzbee said. [The prize] is going to pay my bills for the next couple months, and I just got a job offer the same week!

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