Manitoba snow maze eyes Guinness record


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(UPI) A snow maze in Manitoba is on track to break a Guinness World Record after surveyors measured it at more than 29,000 square feet.

The proprietors of A Maze in Snow, located about 25 miles south of Winnipeg, enlisted the help of Barnes & Duncan Land Surveyors to measure the maze Sunday by calculating the square feet and using a scanner to make a 3D model of the maze.

The measurement came out to more than 29,000 feet, which would defeat the current record by more than 17,000 square feet if it is approved by Guinness.

Owner Clint Masse said the maze has drawn tourists from as far away as South Africa and Europe, but recent cold temperatures have put a dent in business.

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"It's derailing except the hardest core Manitobans," he told CTV News.

The maze was constructed from about 300 truckloads of snow, Masse said.

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