Bobcat chases squirrel atop Florida screen porch


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(UPI) A Florida woman captured video when she discovered an unusual scene in her backyard -- a bobcat chasing a squirrel atop her screen porch.

Michelle Kloese posted a video to Facebook showing the chase that played out Sunday atop the lanai pool cage behind her Punta Gorda home.

"So, this morning I woke up, and I opened up the sliders," Kloese told WINK-TV. And I heard a lot of commotion outside, so I took a look and saw that there was a bobcat running around my yard, and before you know it the squirrel jumped on the cage and the bobcat decided to follow it.

"We don't have any animals, but when I heard the commotion, my first thought was I hope it doesn't rip our screens," Kloese said. And then really quickly after that I said to myself, I hope it doesn't fall through the screen! I'm just glad I wasn't in the pool when it happened.


Kloese said the video went viral within hours.

She said the squirrel eventually managed to escape the bobcat unscathed.

"About a month ago, we had three bobcats, this is actually the baby of the two parents," Kloese said.

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