Doorbell-ringing moose wakes Alaska couple


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(UPI) An Alaska couple who were startled by a late-night doorbell ringing checked security footage and identified the culprit: a moose's rear end.

Kyle Stultz and Allie Johnstone said they were confused when their doorbell rang about 1:30 a.m. Wednesday at their Anchorage home, but there was no one at the door when they checked moments later.

"We were thinking kids coming through playing ding dong ditch or maybe a neighbor coming through. We had no idea," Stultz told KTVA-TV.

The couple checked their home security camera footage and were surprised to see the rear-end of a moose playing "ding dong ditch."

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"We had this nice moose behind waiting for us right here," Stultz said. And he decided to back up right into it and that's how he got our doorbell.

Johnstone said the moose caboose offered "a bit of comic relief. It's really nice."

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