Police apprehend chicken running wild outside Olive Garden


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(UPI) Police in Augusta, Maine, captured a chicken running wild outside a Olive Garden parking lot after receiving calls from restaurant-goers.

Eyewitness Susan Kimball and her husband Bill Ryerson observed police apprehending the chicken who ended up crossing four lanes of traffic on a nearby interstate.

"Three grown men running across the interstate was priceless," Kimball said to CentralMaine.com of the 20-minute chase. They were going to save it. They were not going to give up.

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Police released a photo of the chicken on their Facebook page alongside a tongue-in-cheek description of what happened including how the fowl had a "craving for soup, salad and breadsticks."

The chicken is now in protective custody of Officer Brad Chase, who keeps chickens as police attempt to find the original owner. The chicken does not appear to be sick or injured following the incident.

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