India-based group sets record for largest display of crochet sculptures


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(UPI) A crocheting group based in India has broken the world record for the largest display of crochet sculptures.

The top mark, certified by Guinness World Records and set by Mother India's Crochet Queens, included 58,917 crochet sculptures under the theme "Go Green, Save the Earth." The sculptures include a number of scenes showing humans and the planet throughout their history.

The organization is primarily made up of women in India, but it also includes men, children and women throughout the world. Members sent crochet sculptures to the group's headquarters in Chennai for the project.

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The previous record was held by The Craft Club, a U.K.-based group that compiled 13,388 crochet sculptures in 2014.

Mother India's Crochet Queens has also set the world records for the longest team-made crocheted scarf and the largest crochet blanket, a record that has since been broken.

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