Farmer rescues hawk entangled in chicken wire fence


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(UPI) An Oregon farmer who found a hawk stuck in his chicken wire fence donned protective floves and rescued the predator.

The owners of Cottage Hill Dairy in Clackamas County posted a video to YouTube showing one of the owners, Matt, working to carefully free the red-tailed hawk from the fence surrounding the farm's chicken yard while his wife, Brenda, films.

"We were in the kitchen when Matt happened to notice the chickens scattering in panic around their coop," Brenda said. When I went out to investigate I saw the hawk struggling in the fence.

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The video shows Matt carefully place the hawk on the ground after freeing it from the chicken wire. After a few moments, the raptor is able to fly away.

''It was a totally random thing and we were thrilled to be able to free such a beautiful creature," Brenda said. ''Even our cows, chickens and goats were cheering as the hawk flew free.''

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