Volunteer rescuer frees cobra from floor drain at Indian temple


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(UPI) Volunteer animal rescuers were called to a temple in India to rescue a nearly 3-foot cobra that became stuck in the steel mesh covering a floor drain.

Atul Baral, a volunteer with the Snake Helpline, said he was called to the temple in Bhubaneshwar after a cobra was discovered stuck in the steel mesh covering a flood drain.

The cobra had apparently tried to slither down the drain and became stuck due to its swollen abdomen from a recent meal, Baral said.


Baral removed the mesh from the drain and took the snake to the nearby College of Veterinary Science and Animal Husbandry, where a veterinarian used wire cutters to remove the mesh from the snake's body.

The snake, freed from the mesh, then regurgitated a toad it had previously eaten.

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