Dash cam captures moment flying pipe hits windshield


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(UPI) A California woman's dashboard camera captured the moment a flying metal pipe bounced off the hood of her vehicle and cracked her windshield.

The video, recorded on a highway in Fairfield on Sunday, shows the piece of pipe, which has a length of cable attached, bounce off the hood of the vehicle before bouncing of the windshield, cracking the glass.

"I was traveling home when my windshield suddenly shattered," the filmer wrote.

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"I did not see anything coming and was unsure what had hit. I noticed the object had bounced off my hood, then hit my windshield and bounced up and over. I did not suspect any wrongdoing, just bad luck with freeway debris. When I got home my husband looked over and edited the dashcam video to a condensed version and in slow motion."

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