North Carolina farmer stumbles on nest of newborn black bears


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(UPI) A North Carolina farmer whose heavy equipment apparently woke a mother bear early captured photos of the cubs he discovered in a nest.

The North Carolina Black Bear Festival posted photos to Facebook showing the bears discovered by a farmer in the eastern part of the state while he was driving a piece of heavy equipment near what turned out to be a mother bear's nest.

"Evidently the sound of the equipment scared away the sow bear from the nest. He never saw her," the post said. He took a couple photos and immediately left without disturbing the newborn cubs.

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The post said bears in the area build above-ground nests instead of digging dens because of the low land and high water table.

"The sow uses here body as a cap on the den to keep it warm and dry for the cubs, while she remains totally visible and exposed to the weather," the post said. It is another example of the sacrifices mothers make for their children!

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