Fishermen rescue two wallabies and a pig from flooded river


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(UPI) Two men out fishing in Australia ended up using their boat to rescue two wallabies and a pig that became stranded in the water by recent flooding.

Dean Hutchinson and Andrew Illingworth said they were out fishing Thursday on the Adelaide River in the Northern Territory when they came across a wallaby swimming in the water.

The men decided to give the marsupial a lift back to shore and ended up picking up a second wallaby and a 130-pound pig.

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"Took the day off to fish the Adelaide yesterday. Had to launch off the road at Window on the Wetlands. No fish but we did catch a 60kg boar and two wallabies!" the men told ABC Tales from the Tinny.

The men said the river had been flooded by recent heavy rainfall. They said the animals were safely released on dry land.

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