Texas middle schooler calls stripper to school as prank


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(UPI) Officials with a Texas school district said a middle school student is being disciplined after hiring a stripper to perform at school.

Jenny LaCoste-Caputo, a spokeswoman for Round Rock Independent School District, said the stripper arrived at the address where she had been hired to perform about 11:30 a.m. and realized it was Noel Grisham Middle School.

The woman called the front office to report the prank and never entered the building, LaCoste-Caputo said.

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She said the student used his personal cellphone to call the agency and paid for the stripper's performance using his parents' credit card. The student is now facing disciplinary action.

"Our staff handled the situation with the utmost decorum and professionalism," Principal Paige Hadziselimovic said in an email to parents. While regrettable, the incident had no negative impact on any students, other than the student who is responsible.

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