Motorcyclist films horses running through traffic in Thailand


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(UPI) A motorcyclist in Thailand filmed a trio of runaway horses galloping through traffic for more than a mile on a busy road.

Tanapath Duemrongtumkiri, 28, said he was riding about 8 a.m. Monday on a busy road in Chiang Mai when he spotted the three horses running alongside cars.

Duemrongtumkiri said he filmed the horses for more than a mile before they turned off onto another path at an intersection.

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''I was very surprised to see the horses and wanted to know who they belong to," Duemrongtumkiri said.

"It's quite unusual to see horses in Thailand. It's even more strange to see three of them running down the road. It was very dangerous and could have caused an accident. I thought I was imagining it at first. I had to look twice, then rode my motorbike next to them to record them. They were running quite fast. I think they escaped from a farm. Somebody will be looking for three horses that have gone missing.''

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