Pop-Tarts ask police for help with misuse of mustard


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(UPI) Pop-Tarts struck back against a Twitter user who suggested putting mustard on his breakfast pastries by getting the police involved in the debate.

The confrontation began with a since-deleted tweet from user @adumsteeves, who wrote: "You guys aint from Illinois if you dont put mustard on your poptarts."

The official Pop-Tarts account quoted the tweet with an appeal for help from the Illinois State Police: "@ILStatePolice can you guys handle this?"

The state police didn't answer the query, but the Dixon, Ill., Police Department offered its assistance with a tweet reading, "Let us know if they don't handle this @PopTartsUS, WE will... Ain't nobody puttin' mustard on their Pop-Tarts in Illinois."

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The original tweet's deletion led to Pop-Tarts declaring victory in the dispute, but the original poster refused to concede defeat.

"I didnt delete it and honestly dont know what happened... someone sabatoged my tweet," @adumsteeves tweeted.

It was unclear whether the Illinois State Police were behind the social networking skulduggery.

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