Wandering toddler climbs into claw machine


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(UPI) An Australian woman whose toddler son vanished at an arcade quickly located the wandering boy -- inside the claw machine.

A video captured by the surprised woman at a Marion, South Australia, business shows the young boy happily looking out from behind the glass of the prize area of the claw machine.

"I had a go on the claw machine, and didn't win anything. I then stepped back from the machine to talk to a couple gentlemen, and my son disappeared from my feet! He had been playing with the joystick on the machine, I heard the prize door bang, and after a moment of confusion and panic, I saw his head pop up in the prize slot of the machine," the mother wrote.

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She said her son was not inside the machine for very long.

"One of the men I was with had to go and find someone from the local arcade center to bring the keys so we could get him out. He was in there for about 5 minutes, and was happily playing and chatting to us through the glass the whole time," she wrote.

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