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(UPI) An Ohio woman captured video of an unusual holiday spectacle in her neighborhood: A Tesla car putting on a Christmas light and music show.

Carey Campbell Ward posted a video to Facebook showing the Tesla playing Christmas music while flashing its lights in time to the festive tones.

The vehicle's performance also involves it opening its gull-wing doors and moving them in coordination with the music.

Ward said she was unfamiliar with Teslas until her daughter brought the car to her attention.

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"My daughter and I were going to deliver her fundraiser sales when she stopped me and said, 'mom look it's a Tesla!'" Ward wrote later.

"It was in our next door neighbors driveway and honestly I didn't know what was so special about the car. We are pretty close with our neighbors so we went over to ask who's car it was and here it was their insurance guys car. He heard us ask and said come on out and let me show you something. My husband wasn't home at the time so I wanted to video it to show him later. I was amazed with it to say the least and thought everyone else would like to see it to."

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