Ikea sculpture with suggestive shape baffles in Burbank


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(UPI) A sculpture installed outside a California Ikea is drawing attention for its unusual shape, which some onlookers described as sexually suggestive.

The sculpture, which was commissioned by the Ikea in Burbank, has been compared to a bowling pin, a flower vase, a squash, an elephant's trunk and a particular piece of the male anatomy.

"I'm envious, I have to say," passerby Orlando Suess quipped to KABC-TV.

Others said they were simply perplexed by the sculpture.

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"I don't understand why," Keyn Miao said. Like, what is the purpose of it? And basically I don't know what is it.

Ikea said it will offer further information on the sculpture when it is unveiled officially in partnership with the city of Burbank.

The Burbank location opened in February as the largest Ikea in the United States, encompassing 456,000 square feet.

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