'Drunk' opossum found in Florida liquor store


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(UPI) An opossum was treated at a Florida wildlife center after breaking into a liquor store and drinking from a miniature bottle of liquor.

Emerald Coast Wildlife Refuge shared a photo of the drunk opossum after a local police officer brought it in for medical treatment on Friday.

"This sly, and currently slurred, opossum snuck its way into a liquor store and discovered some holiday cheer of its own," the refuge wrote.

Michelle Pettis of Fort Walton Beach police found the opossum while responding to a call from the liquor store's owner and found it to be disoriented, excessively salivating, and slightly pale.

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The refuge prescribed the animal fluids to flush out any toxins that may be present due to potential alcohol poisoning.

Emerald Coast Wildlife Refuge said the opossum returned to its normal attitude and activity after a few days and was then released back to the wild.

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