Snake captured after hiding in rental van for five months


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(UPI) Animal rescuers in Scotland said a pet snake is back with its owner after hiding out in a rental van for five months.

The Scottish SPCA said rescuers were summoned by a person who rented a Hertz moving van in Aberdeenshire and discovered a snake slithering around in the front seat.

"Obviously finding a snake in a van can be a bit disturbing -- but it's not uncommon to find snakes in unusual places!" Animal Rescue Officer Kyle McWhirr said.

"Snakes are notorious escape artists. They're very clever and can figure out how to manipulate locks so owners have to be careful to ensure their vivarium's are secure," McWhirr said. Unfortunately we were unable to locate the snake on site, even with the help of an engineer. The van was then towed to our Animal Rescue and Rehoming Center here in Drumoak where we have been trying to lure her out.

McWhirr said the corn snake, Mushu, eventually made another appearance and was captured.

The snake's owner, identified only as Gavin, said Mushu disappeared into the van when he was using it to move.

"We had been in the process to moving to Glasgow back in June when she went missing. When we couldn't find her we stripped the van and put it back together about three times, left bait and water to try and get her to come out," he said. After about six days and no sign we just assumed she had escaped from the van altogether. It was such a shock to find out she had been spotted in the van and we can't wait to get her back home.

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