California man celebrates birthday with $750,000 lottery win


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(UPI) A California man's 35th birthday celebration stretched into a second day when he won a $750,000 lottery prize.

Heston Hughes of Los Angeles County told California Lottery officials",nw} he stopped at the 7-Eleven in Arcadia on the day after his birthday and bought a $10 Mystery Crossword Scratchers ticket.

"I wanted to stay fresh on my spelling, so I bought a crossword Scratcher," Hughes joked.

The belated birthday gift to himself ended up earning Hughes a $750,000 top prize. He said he uncovered the first few words and didn't even bother to finish scratching before scanning the ticket at the lottery machine.

Hughes said his first purchase will be another birthday gift to himself -- some sushi.

"I don't really know. Maybe I'll buy some Bitcoin and invest some of it. But first I'm going to have some sushi," he said.

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