Diver rushes to escape 'shark' that was actually a dolphin


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(UPI) An Australian diver rushed out of the water when his wife warned him of an oncoming "shark," but the encounter turned out different from how he expected.

Clay Lewis posted a video to YouTube showing he and his wife, Wandi, interacting with the "shark," which turned out to actually be a playful and friendly dolphin.

Lewis said he had been diving for crayfish off Lancelin, West Australia, when he heard his wife yell about a nearby "shark."

"My wife had just seen a fin coming towards me, so I quickly jumped out onto the boat," Lewis told The West Australian. Then I had a closer look and I realized, it's a dolphin. It got closer and closer, then came up and put its head on the boat.

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Lewis said the dolphin seemed to enjoy performing for the camera.

"I have never seen anything like it," Lewis said.

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