'Creepy' mystery of sidewalk made of headstones partially solved


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(UPI) Authorities in Texas said they have determined the face-down headstones used as a sidewalk at a Texas home were not stolen from graves.

Precinct 4 Constable Kent Layton said he opened an investigation into the headstones at the Hunt County home after a construction worker doing work at the recently-purchased house discovered the paving stones that made up the front yard sidewalk were face-down grave markers.

"He was thinking that he may have uncovered a cemetery, a grave of some sort," Layton told WFAA-TV of the construction worker. It's unusual for somebody to use headstones for walkways. That's kind of creepy in my opinion, but that's just me.

The headstones were apparently placed sometime after the house was built in 2007, Layton told KDFW.

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Layton said he researched the names on the headstones, which mostly bore death dates of 1974, and was able to locate the graves in Fort Worth. He said the Mt. Olivet and Greenwood Cemeteries confirmed the graves were not missing their headstones.

The constable said it appears that the stones were rejected by families for misspellings or other errors.

"I want to know how they were put here, why they were put here, how and who did it. I still want to know that even if they were discarded," Layton said.

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