VIDEO: Man attempting to 'skateboard' on disabled car thrown into ditch


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(UPI) A New York state man attempting to "skateboard" down a hill on his disabled car was thrown from the vehicle, but was able to walk away.

A video posted to YouTube on Monday by user Walnut Pancakes shows the man standing next to a car at the top of a hill on what is believed to be Bailey Creek Road in the Town of Corning.

"Alright my car is dead, I am going to skateboard down this hill," the man says.

He gives the car a push before standing with one foot inside the car and the other foot on the open door.

The car skids around a corner and the man is thrown into a ditch.

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The man reveals he was not injured, but the car crashed into a tree and his case of beer is spread around the area.

The YouTuber is believed to be Chris Merola, 21, who police confirmed to WENY was involved in a crash on the road on Oct. 2.

Police said no charges were filed in the incident.

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