Portland snowstorm leads to mid-street snowboarding session


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PORTLAND, Ore. (UPI) -- A group of Oregon friends made the best of Portland's heavy snowfall by going snowboarding and snow tubing down the middle of a street.

A video posted to Twitter by user @TheLivinZz shows a friend making their way down an inclined Portland road Tuesday on a snowboard.

The snowboarder picks up speed as he goes, eventually whizzing past the camera and off into the distance.

The Twitter user then attempted a similar feat -- but in an inflatable tube instead of riding a snowboard.

The tube run appears considerably more relaxed than the snowboard, making its way down the incline at a leisurely pace.

A third person attempting to slide down the hill can be seen falling in the background.

"The girl behind me totally biffs it," the woman tweeted.

Portland was hit by a snowstorm Tuesday and Wednesday that was projected to drop a total 6-12 inches of snow on the area.

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