Massive Clydesdale horse rescued from frozen creek in Canada


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RIMBEY, Alberta (UPI) -- An Alberta man helped rescue a massive Clydesdale horse that fell through the ice of a frozen creek and the efforts were recorded by his chest-mounted camera.

Cody Scott, 20, had a GoPro camera strapped to his chest Monday when he went out in his snowmobile to try to find his neighbor's lost horse outside of Rimbey.

Scott said he and another man looking for the horse found the Clydesdale mostly submerged in the iced-over creek.

He said he tried using his snowmobile to tow the horse out of the water, but the animal was too large.

Scott, who posted footage from the rescue on Facebook, said more rescuers soon joined the effort and firefighters eventually arrived on the scene to help hoist the horse.

"I don't know what I would have done if it was just me," he told Global News. It was just a big team effort.

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