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SAN FRANCISCO (UPI) -- A woman was removed from a San Francisco Board of Supervisors hearing for disrobing during discussion of a public nudity ban.

Gypsy Taub, a nudist activist, stripped naked Monday while speaking during the public comment period of a board hearing on legislation that would ban public nudity in the city and was removed by a sheriff's deputy while speaking in favor of "body freedom" and criticizing the legislation, proposed by Supervisor Scott Wiener, as fascist, the San Francisco Chronicle reported Wednesday.

"Down with Scott Wiener," Taub shouted while being led away.

Authorities said Taub agreed to get dressed in the hallway and was not arrested or cited.


Wiener said the legislation comes after an increase in the number of "naked guys" in the Castro district, which he represents.

"Over the past two years, the situation on our streets and particularly in the Castro has changed," Wiener said. Public nudity is no longer random and sporadic, and it's no longer an occasional quirky part of San Francisco.

The legislation would impose a $100 fine for a first offense and a $200 fine for a second offense in a 12-month period. A third offense would result in a $500 fine or a misdemeanor charge.

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