Man charged with stealing old typewriter


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SEATTLE (UPI) -- Seattle police charged a Redmond, Wash., man with burglary for allegedly breaking into a school to steal an old typewriter.

While on a trip down memory lane April 6, Scott Sunkel, Corrinne Wahchumwah and Eric Hardy tripped an alarm at Pathfinder School about 7:30 p.m.

Pathfinder was Wahchumwah's alma mater. In what had to have been reminiscent of an episode of the TV sit-com "Saved by the Bell," security officers sent the three running, pursuing them briefly before ordering them to the ground. When caught, they discovered Sunkel was carrying a typewriter in a case, likely one of the least valuable things that could be taken from the building


Nonetheless, the online newspaper Seattle Post-Intelligencer reported Sunkel was charged with burglary Monday.

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