Mountain Dew mouse would have been 'jelly'


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BELLEVILLE, Ill. (UPI) -- The manufacturer of Mountain Dew said an Illinois man could not have found a mouse in a can of the beverage because the rodent would have dissolved.

Pepsi Co. said in its response to a lawsuit filed by Ronald Ball in 2009 that the oil worker could not have gagged on a mouse in his can of Mountain Dew because the beverage would have dissolved the rodent into "a jelly-like substance" before it even reached the vending machine, ABC News reported Tuesday.

Samantha Unsell, an attorney for Ball, said Pepsi officials took the mouse and the evidence apparently has since been destroyed. She said Pepsi's latest legal motion to have the case dismissed is "a poor dissent."

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"It doesn't say a lot about their product," Unsell said.

Lawyers for Pepsi declined to comment, ABC said.

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