Rhode Island zoo welcomes birth of world's most endangered wolf

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(UPI) A Rhode Island zoo announced the birth of a critically endangered red wolf pup -- the first born at the facility since 2005.

The Roger Williams Park Zoo in Providence announced the pup was born May 5 to first-time mother Brave, 6, and father Diego, 7.

The zoo said the pup is the first red wolf born at the zoo since 2005.

"The zoo's ...Read more

Squirrel freed of zip tie 'belt' in Michigan

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(UPI) A Michigan woman was able to rescue a squirrel with a zip tie around its body with the help of social media and a local animal rescuer.

JoAnn Mason said she initially noticed something was unusual about the squirrel when she saw it outside the back door of her Allegan home.

"I look out my window, and there's this squirrel and it has ...Read more

WATCH: Man with world record-setting 848 square tattoos adds to his total

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(UPI) The man who holds the Guinness World Record for most squares tattooed on his body -- 848 -- said he has since added more squares to his body, as well as a special Guinness tattoo.

Matt Gone was awarded the Guinness title for most squares tattooed on the body in 2014, when the squares on his body were tallied at 848.

Gone said in a new ...Read more

Man eats three Carolina Reaper chilies in 8.72 seconds for world record

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(UPI) A California man put his love of spicy food to the limit when he broke a Guinness World Record by downing three Carolina Reaper chili peppers in 8.72 seconds.

Gregory Foster took on the record for fastest time to eat three Carolina Reaper chilies at the Seaport Shopping Center in Downtown San Diego and ended up eating six of the super-hot...Read more

Odd England: Bull in a pool, $21,000 thrift store chair, misspelled road

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(UPI) Merry Old England is known for many things -- Big Ben, David Beckham, fish and chips, dedicated soccer fans, black cabs and the Beatles, for example -- but the country also has a lesser-known side as a home for odd news.

The English have made numerous appearances in the odd news pages, with incidents ranging from snack biscuit spills to ...Read more

Fugitive lamb captured on South Carolina tennis court

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(UPI) A lamb was captured, after wandering loose for nearly a week in a South Carolina community, when members of the public lured it onto a tennis court.

Kelly Housaman said she spotted the lamb feasting on a resident's lawn near the Hampton Hall Club in Bluffton on Monday.

"Another couple who had also spotted it drove up on their golf cart ...Read more

1,369 people don vampire costumes for Guinness World Record in England

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(UPI) A group of 1,369 people in vampire costumes gathered at a 13th century abbey in England to celebrate the 125th anniversary of Bram Stoker's Dracula and break a Guinness World Record.

English Heritage, which manages more than 400 cultural sites in the country, said its Thursday record attempt at Whitby Abbey was officially declared a new ...Read more

Copy of 'Annie Annie' returned to library after 46 years

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(UPI) The Owasso Library in Oklahoma has gotten back its copy of book Annie Annie by author Molly Cone, 46 years after it was due.

The library uploaded to Facebook a photo of the book, which looks lightly damaged.

The inside of the book also contained a card that noted that the book was originally due on Sept. 8, 1976.

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Maryland man uses numbers from work to win $50,000 playing lottery

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(UPI) A man from Owings Mills, Md., named Charles, has won $50,000 playing the lottery by using numbers from his job.

Charles purchased a $1 Pick 5 ticket with the numbers 7, 7, 1, 3 and 1. The numbers correspond to job identification codes that he uses as a medical coder.

Charles told lottery officials that he never watches the drawings and ...Read more

National Road Trip Day marks the start of summer travel season

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(UPI) National Road Trip Day, celebrated annually on the Friday before Memorial Day, was started by a truck stop chain in 2019 to mark the unofficial start of the summer travel season.

The holiday was created in 2019 by Pilot Flying J, the largest operator of travel centers in North America, to celebrate the tradition of summer road trips.

The...Read more

Bearded dragon rescued from 'SpongeBob' pineapple toy

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(UPI) Veterinarians at a Massachusetts animal hospital rescued a bearded dragon from an unusual situation when the lizard got his head stuck inside a toy pineapple.

The New England Animal Medical Center in Bridgewater said in a Facebook post that Randy the bearded dragon's owners brought him in when he got his head stuck inside a toy pineapple ...Read more

Man's need for milk in his coffee leads to $2 million lottery prize

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(UPI) A South Carolina man said his need to pick up milk led to his winning a $2 million lottery jackpot.

The Chester man told South Carolina Education Lottery officials he went to the Food Lion grocery store on the JA Cochran Bypass because "I ran out of milk, and I needed it for my morning coffee."

While at the store, the man stopped at the ...Read more

Police relocate alligator from South Carolina parking garage

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(UPI) Police in South Carolina said officers teamed up with animal control and officers from other agencies to relocate an alligator found lurking in a parking garage.

The city of Charleston Police Department said animal control officers teamed worked with harbor patrol officers and personnel from Daniel Island Patrol to take on the alligator. ...Read more

WATCH: Northwestern engineers develop smallest remote-controlled walking robot

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(UPI) A team of Northwestern University engineers announced the invention of the world's smallest remote-controlled walking robot, which measures only one-half millimeter wide.

The engineers said in research published in the journal Science Robotics that their crab-like robot is smaller than the thickness of a penny.

John A. Rogers, an ...Read more

Firefighters rescue ducklings from roof of three-story building

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(UPI) Firefighters in London conducted an unusual rescue when a mother duck hatched her eggs on the roof of a three-story building.

The London Fire brigade said crews were summoned to the Deptford area when animal rescuers reported seven ducklings had hatched in the rooftop nest and had no way to get down from atop the three-story building.

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Australian teen's 5.8-pound mushroom might be world's largest

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(UPI) An Australian 14-year-old is waiting to hear back from Guinness World Records about whether the nearly 6-pound mushroom he found is the largest in the world.

Jasper Les said he found the 5.8-pound porcini mushroom while walking home from school in Adelaide Hills, South Australia.

"I was just amazed. I've never seen one that big or even ...Read more

22-year-old South Carolina dog named world's oldest

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(UPI) A South Carolina couple's dog was officially dubbed the oldest in the world at the age of 22 years and 59 days old.

Pebbles, a toy fox terrier belonging to Taylors residents Bobby and Julie Gregory, was named the oldest dog living by Guinness World Records after her age was verified as 22 years and 59 days.

The Gregory family said they ...Read more

Bison captured after eight months on the loose in Illinois

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(UPI) A 1,300-pound bison on the loose in Illinois for about eight months was finally captured with help from cattle capture experts.

Lake County Forest Preserves officials said the female bison, variously nicknamed Tyson the Bison and Billy the Bison, was captured Wednesday morning at Lakewood Forest Preserve in Wauconda by personnel from ...Read more

Como Park Zoo announces birth of zebra foal

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(UPI) The Como Park Zoo and Conservatory in Minnesota has announced the birth of a zebra foal.

Grant's zebra Minnie gave birth to the foal with mother and baby doing well, the zoo said.

Zookeepers discovered the foal after Minnie gave birth at night. The foal, whose gender has not yet been determined, was closely shadowing its mother.

"Minnie...Read more

Former NASCAR driver helps rescue donkeys from shrinking island

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(UPI) Former NASCAR driver Kenny Shepherd helped with a private rescue of two donkeys who were stranded on a shrinking island located at Lake McClure in California.

The donkeys, one male and one female, were stranded due to the water level rising in the area, cutting them off from a main body of land.

The donkeys had wandered off from a larger...Read more