Doughnut-eating champ arrested for breaking into doughnut shop

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(UPI) A North Carolina doughnut-eating contest winner was arrested Thursday for breaking into a doughnut shop, police said.

Police in Elizabeth City, N.C. charged Bradley Hardison, 27, with felony breaking and entering, felony safe cracking and felony larceny after he allegedly broke into a Dunkin' Donuts shop in November, the Virginia-Pilot ...Read more

Colorado firefighters pull deer from frozen lake by an antler

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(UPI) Firefighters in Colorado grabbed a hold of a deer's antler to help free it from a frozen lake on Sunday.

West Metro Fire Rescue shared photos of the rescue as a dive team made its way across the frozen water to pull the stranded deer to safety.

"We got a call from Lakewood Animal Control that the deer was in trouble," the department said...Read more

Massive monitor lizard freed from metal bar predicament

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(UPI) Animal rescuers were summoned to a Thailand fence where a massive monitor lizard attempted to squeeze between metal bars and found itself stuck.

A video recorded Monday in Chachoengsao shows the 5-foot lizard stuck around its middle between the metal bars of a fence that it apparently attempted to pass through while hunting near its pond....Read more

Scuba divers spot great white shark stalking them off Mozambique

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(UPI) A group of divers off the coast of Mozambique received a shock when they realized they were being circled by a great white shark.

A video filmed by one of the divers on the Liquid Dive Adventures tour shows the great white shark curiously circling the group as they swim among the fish.

"The lens is very wide, so the shark is actually ...Read more

Loose moose runs through residential neighborhood

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(UPI) A surprised Ontario resident captured video of a moose taking an unexpected trot through the snow next to a residential city street.

Tracy Kennedy of Parry Soung said she has only seen one or two moose near town despite living in Parry Sound her entire life, so it was shocking to see the moose strolling next to the snowy street.

Kennedy ...Read more

Massive crocodile steals catch from fisherman's line

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(UPI) A visitor to an Australian fishing spot captured video of the moment a large crocodile showed up to steal a fisherman's catch from his line.

Luke Robertson said he was fishing at Cahills Crossing in the Northern Territory when he hooked what he described to NT News as "a decent sized barra."

"Just as I was about to get close to the ...Read more

Maryland man wins third big lottery jackpot in as many months

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(UPI) A Maryland man claiming a $50,000 lottery jackpot said it was his third big win in as many months -- including a jackpot from the same scratch-off ticket.

The 49-year-old Bel Air man told Maryland Lottery officials he buys scratch-off tickets when the urge strikes, and his recent purchase of a $2,000,000 Fortune game turned out to be a ...Read more

Ohio couple capture snownado footage in countryside

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(UPI) A couple driving through the Ohio countryside captured video of an unusual event -- a snownado whirlwind whipping snow through the air.

โ€ŽKristin Ashalee Mattox posted a video to Facebook showing what she witnessed while driving through the countryside near Coshocton.

The video shows a snownado, aka a snow devil -- a whirlwind spinning ...Read more

Florida man finds massive python floating next to his dock

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(UPI) A Florida man who was told by a neighbor that a large snake was floating near his dock was shocked to discover a 12-foot reticulated python.

Joe Volpe said a neighbor told him Tuesday morning that a snake was floating hear his dock in Siesta Key and he assumed the witness was exaggerating, but he went to investigate and discovered a ...Read more

California man finds 5 1/2 foot tapeworm dangling from his rear

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(UPI) A California doctor said a 5 1/2 foot tape worm a man found dangling from his rear during a bathroom trip had been growing inside him for months.

Dr. Kenny Banh of University of California San Francisco Fresno Emergency Medicine said a man came into the emergency room in August with an unusual story to tell.

"He asked me for worm ...Read more

Fishermen abandon ship before motorboat crash

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(UPI) An Oregon fisherman whose video camera recorded him and his comrades abandoning ship seconds before a crash with a motorboat is suing the other driver.

A video posted to YouTube by Angling Oregon shows the channel's owner, Christopher McMahon, 46, jumping into the Columbia River with friends Bryan Maess, 47, and Roni Durham, 57, as a ...Read more

Deer rescued from plastic chicken feeder stuck around neck

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(UPI) A deer spotted wandering in California with a plastic chicken feeder stuck around its neck was rescued by a state wildlife biologist, officials said.

The California Department of Fish and Wildlife said the young buck, which was photographed wandering in the Oakhurst area with a bucket-like chicken feeder stuck around its neck, was ...Read more

Bronx Zoo tells visitors to name roaches for their Valentines

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(UPI) New York's Bronx Zoo is offering visitors the chance to show their affection for their animal-loving Valentines by naming a giant Madagascar hissing cockroach.

The zoo, which has been offering roach-related promotions for Valentine's Day for the past few years, announced this year's Name a Roach campaign, which allows zoo patrons to name ...Read more

Fare-dodging pigeon prompts panic on New York subway train

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(UPI) A fare-dodging pigeon caused a minor panic on a New York subway train when it flew up and down the length of a crowded car.

Passengers said the unexpected pigeon boarded the C train about 7:44 p.m. in Bedford-Stuyvesant, Brooklyn, and one strap-hanger filmed the bird flapping its way up and down the length of the subway car as panicking ...Read more

Canadian man gets parking ticket for 'car' made of snow

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(UPI) A Canadian man made a fake car out of snow and got a real parking ticket.

Montreal native Simon Laprise crafted a Back to the Future-style Delorean on the side of his street as part of a prank and he got the results he expected.

"It was a beautiful day," Laprise told Vice. So I decided to do something out of the mountain of snow, to ...Read more

Hermit crab uses broken bottle's cap for a shell

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(UPI) A visitor to a Thailand beach captured video of a recycling-minded hermit crab using an unusual object for a shell -- a bottle cap.

The video, recorded earlier this month in Krabi, shows the hermit crab walking around wearing the bottle cap, which is still attached to the broken glass that used to be the bottle's neck, on its back.

The ...Read more

RC car speeds through traffic on Houston highway

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(UPI) A shocked man driving on a Houston highway captured video of an unusual vehicle speeding along next to him -- a small radio-controlled car.

Alex Villa posted a video to Facebook showing what he saw Saturday afternoon when he was driving in the southbound lanes of Highway 59.

"Alright, just on 59, someone thought they would bring their ...Read more

Fearless small dog chases crocodile back into river

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(UPI) A visitor to Australia's Goat Island captured video of a fearless dog running up to a much larger crocodile and chasing it back into a river.

The video, recorded late last month on the Northern Territory island, shows a croc nicknamed Casey emerging from a river when summoned by the property owner.

The footage, recorded by a visitor to ...Read more

Costa Rica lodge owners rescue soggy baby sloth from beach rocks

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(UPI) A couple walking along a Costa Rica beach ended up rescuing a baby sloth found stranded on some rocks after apparently being carried by the surf.

Dirk and Lori Morgan, Ohio natives and owners of Morgans Jungle Lodge in Puerto Jimenez, captured video of the two-toed sloth they found clinging to rocks on an Osa Peninsula beach.

The Morgans...Read more

Woman thanks Santa for $50,000 lottery ticket in her stocking

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(UPI) A Delaware woman said she has Santa Claus to thank for a $50,000 winning lottery ticket she received in her Christmas stocking.

The Wilmington woman told Delaware Lottery officials that Santa -- aka her mother -- placed scratch-off lottery tickets in the Christmas stockings she filled for her three children.

The woman said she was ...Read more


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