Calif. forestry workers have adorable encounter with bear cub

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(UPI) A group of Native American forestry workers had a unique encounter with an irascible black bear cub in northern California on Friday.

A trio of workers for the Yoruk Tribe were clearing brush from roads in rural Del Norte County when the cub ran out in front of their vehicle. The workers used cellphones to record the encounter and posted ...Read more

'Mr. Gorilla' crawls through London Marathon for charity

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(UPI) A British man dressed in a gorilla costume raised more than 20,000 pounds for an animal charity by crawling the London Marathon route.

Tom Harrison, who adopted the monicker "Mr. Gorilla," completed the 26.2 mile route on Saturday after crawling on his hands and knees for six-and-a-half days to raise 26,000 pounds ($33,675) for The ...Read more

Captain jumps between moving sailboats in 'pirate' imitation

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(UPI) A fearless sailboat captain cruising in Mexico pulled off a "pirate" maneuver by jumping from one fast-moving boat to another.

Christian Hauser posted a video to Vimeo showing what happened when captain and diving instructor Joaquin Carboni decided to turn their trip in Bahia de Banderas, Mexico, into a "pirate adventure."

The video ...Read more

Former British soccer star Alan Shearer sets selfie world record

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(UPI) Former British soccer player Alan Shearer partnered with a group of students to set a world record for most selfies taken in 3 minutes.

Shearer joined more than 100 students between the ages of 3 and 18 at the Newcastle School for Boys to attempt the Guinness World Record for "most self-portrait photographs (selfies) taken in 3 minutes" ...Read more

Glaring typo on Chicago Metra sign goes viral after Reddit post

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(UPI) A sign at a Chicago Metra facility is going viral after a Reddit user pointed out a glaring typo: "federal" misspelled as ferderal.

The sign at the Metra Western Ave. Storage Facility, in the Humboldt Park neighborhood, identifies the location as the site of a "Ferderal Transit Administration Project."

It's unclear how long the ...Read more

Skunk rescued from McFlurry cup in Chicago suburb

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(UPI) A hapless skunk in the Chicago suburbs was filmed running circles around an office complex parking lot with a McFlurry cup stuck on its head.

Violetta Talley pf South Elgin posted a video to YouTube showing the skunk running in circles after its apparent craving for a McDonald's dessert led to its head getting stuck inside the cup.

...Read more

Loose pig halts traffic on Maryland bridge

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(UPI) A pig slowed commuters on a bridge in Maryland on Friday morning after it escaped from the back of a truck.

Charles County police first reported delays due to "livestock" on the Governor Harry W. Nice Memorial Bridge at about 8:18 a.m. as traffic in one lane came to a halt.

Officials told WJLA a pig managed to get loose from a vehicle ...Read more

Mating kangaroos block traffic in Australian suburb

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(UPI) Traffic was brought to a halt in a suburb of Melbourne, Australia, when a pair of kangaroos decided to have an intimate encounter in the middle of the road.

A photo snapped on a residential street Tuesday in Macleod shows vehicles stopped in the road while the two kangaroos have their tryst in the middle of the lane.

Bill Gasiamis posted...Read more

10-foot gator repeatedly crosses busy Florida road during rush hour

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(UPI) A 10-foot alligator was spotted repeatedly crossing a busy Florida road during rush hour to pass between two bodies of water.

The alligator was seen during rush hour Thursday afternoon crossing the intersection of U.S. Highway 441 and State Road 19 in Tavares.

"I looked up and saw this huge head...just wobbling around and I was like '...Read more

Black bear looks in Tennessee hotel windows, wanders into room

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(UPI) A black bear dropped by a Tennessee hotel and was seen peeking in windows, wandering the halls, and even entering a room that was being cleaned.

Gregg Rothburg posted photos to Facebook showing the 150-pound black bear looking in windows Wednesday at the Parkview Inn Hotel in Gatlinburg.

Rothburg's photos show the bear looking in windows...Read more

Wedding dress found abandoned on Bridle Road returned to owner

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(UPI) Police in Massachusetts found the owner of a wedding dress abandoned on an ironically named road after a weeklong search.

A woman came forward to claim the dress which Billerica Police shared on social media after it was found on Bridle Road.

The woman, whose name was not released by police, said the dress fell out of her vehicle as she ...Read more

Security camera records Utah boys' 'do the right thing' talk

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(UPI) A pair of young brothers found a quarter outside their neighbor's Utah home and their conversation about doing "the right thing" was recorded by security cameras.

Jennifer Arismendi's security camera was recording outside her Clearfield home when neighbors Eli Squire, 7, and little brother Bronx, 5, were walking toward her front door.

...Read more

Service provides dapper llamas as wedding guests

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(UPI) A service in Oregon offers couples the opportunity to have well-dressed therapy llamas and alpacas attend their wedding.

Mtn Peaks Therapy Llamas & Alpacas a non-profit animal therapy organization, launched a service called Wedding Llamas to have their star animals Rojo the llama and Napoleon the alpaca attend local weddings.

"Our ...Read more

Japanese water skier felled by flying fish to the groin

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(UPI) A member of a Japanese water skiing team was caught on camera in an unfortunate collision between a jumping fish and his groin.

Twitter user @M3M6M9M, aka Miroku, posted a video to the microblogging site showing a member of the Waseda Water Ski Team taking a practice run on the Tone River.

A fish suddenly jumps out of the water and ...Read more

Tennessee deputy climbs down storm drain to save stranded kitten

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(UPI) A Sherriff's deputy in Tennessee climbed down into a storm drain near a local elementary school to rescue a stranded kitten.

Blount County Sheriff's Office shared photos of School Resource Officer Dustin Burger climbing down the drain on a rainy day to carry the distressed kitten to safety.

Shiela Tipton captured the photos of the rescue...Read more

Massachusetts police lasso loose llama

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(UPI) Police in Massachusetts showed off their "cowboy skills" by lassoing a llama seen wandering around a local neighborhood.

Massachusetts State Police shared photos of the lassoed llama after which residents reported walking loose on the streets of the neighborhood around 1 a.m. on Thursday morning.

Troopers Matthew Kane and Kyle Minnicucci...Read more

Man gets unusual tattoo tribute to 'Law & Order: SVU'

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(UPI) A New Orleans Law & Order: Special Victims Unit super-fan is reveling in the viral fame brought by his unusual lower back tattoo.

Bernard Johnson, 29, said he was talking over the possibility of an SVU tribute with his tattoo artist a few months ago when they arrived at an idea: "Executive Producer Dick Wolf," the iconic first card of the...Read more

Mountain lion tranquilized at California shopping center

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(UPI) Authorities in California said a young mountain lion that apparently got "lost" and ended up at a shopping center was safely relocated.

The Santa Cruz County Sheriff's Office said a man walking Thursday morning near the East Cliff Village Shopping Center in Twin Lakes spotted the mountain lion hanging out in a tree next to the sign at the...Read more

New Jersey third-graders find boa constrictor in classroom

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(UPI) A 4-foot boa constrictor discovered by students in a New Jersey elementary school may have been drawn to the smell of the class pet, also a boa, officials said.

Officials at Riverside Elementary School in Princeton confirmed third-graders in Ms. Reilly's class alerted the teacher Tuesday afternoon to the presence of the boa constrictor in...Read more

Sea lions jump on boat to demand fish in Mexico

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(UPI) A pair of sea lions were filmed jumping up on the back of a moving boat in Mexico to demand a tribute of fish from the boaters.

The video shows the sea lions clinging to the back of the boat Monday in Cabo San Lucas and refusing to budge until the fishermen aboard the vessel reward them with fish.

"The first huge male sea lion has hauled...Read more

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