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DEAR STACY: Wasn't there going to be a gender swap version of "Splash" with Channing Tatum as a merman? Whatever happened to that? -- Channing Fan

DEAR FAN: Announced in 2016, the Disney flick was expected to star Jillian Bell of "Workaholics" in the film version of Tom Hanks' old role. As of yet, it's in development and there is no production start scheduled. Next up, Channing has the Sept. 28 release 3-D animated "Smallfoot," based on the book, "Yeti Tracks."


DEAR STACY: Whatever became of Pia Zadora? -- K.S.

DEAR K.S.: The 5-foot-tall Zadora, 65, has been married to Las Vegas police detective Michael Jeffries since 2005 and they live in the Vegas suburb of Summerlin. They met when she contacted police to help her with a stalker incident. Jeffries is her third husband. In 1993, she split from Meshulam Ricklis, the wealthy Israeli businessman, 32 years her senior, who helped make her a household name after marrying her and paying for her movie, "Butterfly." She was married to Jonathan Kaufer from '95 to 2001. Zadora has done a lot of cabaret performances through the years, and still pops up on television occasionally.


DEAR STACY: I saw Kimberly Estrada on an old episode of "Castle." Can you tell me if she is the daughter of "CHiPs" star Erik Estrada? - Phyllis M., San Diego, California

DEAR PHYLLIS: Kimberly Estrada is no relation to Erik Estrada. She's Eurasian -- father Spanish, mother Chinese -- born in Washington, D.C. and raised in Maryland. The "Million Dollar Baby" actress has also worked behind the scenes, including as a producer on the film "The Ganzfeld Experiment," starring Billy Zane, Dominic Purcell and Rumer Willis.


DEAR STACY: Whatever happened to Juliet Prowse? -- LarryW10

DEAR LARRYW10: The beauty whose dancing was once labeled "immoral" by Soviet leader Nikita Khrushchev -- and who appeared in numerous TV shows and films including "Can-Can" and "G.I. Blues" -- died of pancreatic cancer at age 59, in 1996.

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