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DEAR STACY: What are the prospects for another "Bourne" movie? -- Ellen

DEAR ELLEN: Although producer Frank Marshall has indicated his and the studio's (Universal) interest, there aren't any plans for a sixth "Bourne" feature at this time, and Matt Damon has publicly wondered whether people "might be done" with the character.


DEAR STACY: We watched the terrific documentary of movie star Hedy Lamarr called "Bombshell." In it, they talked about the Hollywood composer with whom she worked on the frequency hopping invention. But they never said what happened to him. Can you fill us in? -- H and H

DEAR H AND H: Avant-garde composer George Antheil died of a heart attack at age 58, and never got to see his and Lamarr's 1941 invention go on to become spread spectrum technology -- a mainstay of today's telecommunications. As noted in the biography, the U.S. Navy scoffed at the invention that the pair had worked out in hopes of helping the war effort by making it possible to guide torpedoes. But the technology was in use by the early 1960s. Antheil and Lamarr were inducted into the National Inventors Hall of Fame in 2014.

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DEAR STACY: Did Adele ever get married? -- AB

DEAR AB: Adele confirmed to the world at the 2017 Grammy Awards that she and long-time partner Simon Konecki are married. Konecki is a founder of the U.K. firm Life Water, an eco-friendly brand of water -- and of the clean water-centric charity, Dorp4Drop. Adele and Simon became parents of son Angelo in 2013.

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