Ask Stacy for June 16-17, 2018

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DEAR STACY: Is Chevy Chase still working or did he retire? Haven't seen him in a while. I know he's supposedly a flaming jerk, but he always made me laugh. -- Chris in Georgia

DEAR CHRIS: Yes, Chase continues on. He and Richard Dreyfuss have a movie coming up on Netflix called "The Last Laugh," about a promising standup comedian who quit the business in favor of a quiet family life 50 years ago -- who decides to go out on one last comedy tour when he reunites with his former manager. Lewis Black and Andie MacDowell also star in the flick that is supposed to come out sometime before year's end. Other recent credits include "The Last Movie Star" with Burt Reynolds, the 2015 incarnation of "Vacation," "Hot Tub Time Machine 2" and a voice role in the 2016 "Hedgehogs."


DEAR STACY: Are Brandy and Snoop Dogg related? -- Curious

DEAR CURIOUS: Yes. The R&B singer is first cousins with the rap star.


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DEAR STACY: Whatever became of the actor who originally played Darth Vader/Anakin in "Return of the Jedi"? How did he feel about being erased when "Revenge of the Sith" came out? -- G.B.

DEAR G.B.: Sebastian Shaw, who appeared as the unmasked Darth Vader and as Anakin's ghost in "Return of the Jedi," died 10 years before the 2004 rerelease in which his ghostly visage was replaced by the image of Hayden Christensen.


DEAR STACY: Has a Muslim actor ever won an Oscar? -- J.J.

DEAR J.J.: Mahershala Ali became the first actor of the Muslim faith to win an Academy Award when he took best supporting actor honors for "Moonlight" last year. Muslim nominees of the past include Omar Sharif for "Lawrence of Arabia."

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