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DEAR STACY: I binge-watched a lot of "Breaking Bad" with a friend who'd never seen it. What is the amazing Bryan Cranston doing these days? -- Jim A., St. Louis, Missouri

DEAR JIM: Cranston aims to bring his stage version of "Network" to Broadway, and is working on that now. It's the same searing satire by Paddy Chayefsky that won 1976 best screenplay, actor (Peter Finch), actress (Faye Dunaway) and best supporting actress (Beatrice Straight) Oscar honors -- and this new adaptation was a critical and popular success in London. On a roll, Cranston also awaits word on a second season of "The Dangerous Book for Boys." He and Greg Mottola co-created the well-received family series -- in which a boy and his brothers are dealing with their father's death, helped by a guidebook left by their whimsical dad and some fantasy -- and he produced it via his Moon Shot Entertainment company. It debuted in March via Amazon.


DEAR STACY: Please give an update on Robby Benson. -- LovetheBeast

DEAR LovetheBeast: Actor/director/teacher Robby Benson recently shot a role in the indie road trip comedy-drama "Apple Seed." No word on when it will be released as yet. Benson, who's provided countless fans with inspiration through his comebacks from four open heart surgeries through the years -- and his candid stories of facing depression and other difficulties because of his health woes -- wrote the book, lyrics and music for a play called "Open Heart," in which he starred with his wife, Karla, off-Broadway in 2004. He's directed more than 100 sitcom episodes. He has taught at several universities around the country, including NYU's Tisch School of the Arts, and Indiana University, where he served from 2013-2016. His many voice credits include the Beast in "Beauty & the Beast" and a number of its spin-offs, and he made the media rounds a couple years back touting the silver anniversary of the animated feature's release. The modern Renaissance man also added a best-selling author credit to his lengthy resume with his 2007 novel, "Who Stole The Funny?" inspired by his experiences in Hollywood. Benson is 62. He has a grown son and daughter.


DEAR STACY: Whatever happened to Missy Gold from "Benson"? -- DJS

DEAR DJS: She's now a therapist, known in her practice as Dr. Melissa Gold Wiedmann. The last time she appeared on screen was in 1985 as "Katie" Olivia Gatling on "Benson." The younger sister of "Growing Pains'" Tracey Gold, she went on to graduate from Georgetown University and earned a Ph.D. from the California School of Professional Psychology.


DEAR STACY: Is it true that Geraldo Rivera had plastic surgery on TV in years past? -- Steve

DEAR Steve: In 1991, Geraldo had fat removed from his derriere and injected between his eyebrows on TV.

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