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DEAR STACY: What are James Roday and Dule Hill doing these days? It was fun to see them back at their old antics in the "Psych" movie. -- S.D.

DEAR S.D.: Dule Hill continues juggling work on two series. On USA Network's "Suits," which he joined in season seven, he's going from recurring to regular status. He and Katherine Heigl are filling the void left by Patrick J. Adams and Meghan Markle -- a.k.a. the new Duchess of Sussex -- on the series that will return sometime this summer. And then there's HBO's Dwayne Johnson starrer, "Ballers," in which Hill plays Larry Siefert, fictional general manager of the Miami Dolphins. The latter show, which returns in August, brought Hill some noteworthy personal success; he married castmate Jazmyn Simon in April. One of his groomsmen was his "Psych" partner, James Roday. Roday recently had a pilot ordered to series by ABC. It's called "A Million Little Things," and has Roday as one of a group of friends who get a drastic wakeup call to get their lives in gear when one of their group dies unexpectedly.


DEAR STACY: "Killing Eve" is the most exciting and different show I've seen in years. Are there plans for more episodes? -- Mara, Thousand Oaks, California

DEAR MARA: Yes, in fact, BBC America was so delighted with the cat-and-mouse, spy-versus-assassin dramatic thriller, it was renewed for a second season before the first season even premiered. The only sad part is that viewers who are jonesing for more of the Sandra Oh-Jodie Comer series will probably have to wait until next year for season two to premiere. Meanwhile, everyone else can binge-watch the first season.


DEAR STACY: What happened to Jimmie Walker, who played on J.J. on "Good Times"? -- Stephanie M.

DEAR STEPHANIE: Walker, the funny man who ruled the pop culture scene with his "Dy-no-mite!" catch phrase in the 1970s, still shows up on TV occasionally. He's also done political talk radio and TV shows. At 70, his primary focus is stand-up. He plays clubs and corporate gigs all around the country.


DEAR STACY: Whatever became of sexy dancer Juliet Prowse? - Kathy405

DEAR KATHY405: The beauty whose dancing was once labeled "immoral" by Soviet leader Nikita Khrushchev -- and who appeared in numerous TV shows and films including "Can-Can" and "G.I. Blues" -- died of pancreatic cancer at age 59, in 1996.

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