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DEAR STACY: What is Vin Diesel's ethnicity? Is Diesel his real name? And is he married? And what is he up to? -- B.T.

DEAR B.T.: The actor, born Mark Vincent, reportedly is of Italian and African-American ancestry, among other roots. However, he prefers to avoid being specific as to his cultural background, saying he'd like to be seen as inclusive. Thus, he named his film company One Race. Diesel and his girlfriend, Mexican model Paloma Jimenez, have two daughters and a son. Having recently reprised his role as Groot in the blockbuster "Avengers: Infinity War," Diesel is reportedly set to star as the titular bald, lollipop-sucking detective in a reboot of "Kojak."


DEAR STACY: Any new TV jobs in the future for Billy Bush? It wasn't fair, what happened to him. -- IM48

DEAR IM48: Of course, you are referring to the broadcast personality who was fired from "The Today Show" in the wake of release of the notorious "Access Hollywood" tape in which Donald Trump bragged about grabbing women by the genitals, with Bush giggling nearby. Bush's career went into deep freeze while the other guy became president. No, there's no news, despite Bush's re-emergence in the public eye in December, his mea culpas to People magazine and others. ("There is a term for what I did. ... It's called bystander abuse. It says by not doing anything you are endorsing the moment. I have to live with that.") He was visible at his aunt, Barbara Bush's funeral in April, but no work assignments.


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DEAR STACY: I finally saw "The Disaster Artist." I'd like to find out whether the guy played by Dave Franco in the movie ever did anything else. -- D.S.

DEAR D.S.: You're referring to Greg Sestero, who wrote the best-selling nonfiction book, "The Disaster Artist," inspired by his experience making the very bad film "The Room" with Tommy Wiseau. Sestero and Wiseau overcame their differences, apparently, because now they have "Best F(r)iends" -- written by Sestero -- coming out in stages. Really. "Volume One" of the film had a two-night screening release via Fathom events at the end of March. "Volume Two" is due to be unveiled June 1. About a drifter and an eccentric mortician, it's certainly not for everyone. But early critical response has been welcoming. Vanity Fair called it "a film you never knew you needed."


DEAR STACY: Is Al Roker related to Lenny Kravitz as my friend says? -- Wondering

DEAR WONDERING: Yes. The weatherman and the music man are related on Kravitz' mother's side; their grandfathers were cousins. You may recall that Kravitz' mother was the late Roxie Roker of "The Jeffersons."

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